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Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership is not solely related to property benefits. It is also highly popular with fractional jets, yachts, classic cars, racehorses, vineyards, and more. Across the globe, the fractional industry is becoming more and more popular because it’s a class asset conserving purchasers’ economic resources.

Those who buy a second home for their vacations, only use the property for an average 40 nights per year, making inward capital expenditure prohibitively expensive, which is why Fractional Property Ownership is considered to be one of the most financially astute ways of acquiring vacation homes, because it allows a number of owners to pay only for the portion they need or want to use; and do not have the financial burden of maintaining the whole property all year round as the running costs are shared between the owners. 

Vilnius Grand Homes’ fractional ownership is the ideal lifestyle purchase which comes with a Title Deed from the Lithuanian Real Estate Centre for the portion of the property owned.

Available in our apartments and townhouses the fractional property can be used every year for the period of the ownership, and should never stand empty, as the property can be put up for rental, earning the owners an income from those periods they don’t want to use.

Best of all, owners are automatically enrolled with the world’s largest vacation exchange company, which allows them to travel the world to a choice of hundreds of other first class resorts across the continents. 

Fractional e-brochure